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 No.BrandProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCAS NumberP. SizeStock LevelPriceDetail
1Fisher UKZZLFK/P/7500/17 Isopropanol, 99.8+%, for analysis 67-63-02.5LT Available SGD$ 75
SGD$ 32
2Fisher UKZZLFK/A/0600/17 Acetone, 99.8+%, for analysis, AR, ACS, meets specifications of Ph. Eur. 67-64-12.5LT Available SGD$ 58
SGD$ 32
3Fisher UKZZLFK/P/7507/17 Isopropanol, for HPLC 67-63-02.5LT Available SGD$ 82
SGD$ 42
4Fisher UKZZLFK/D/1856/17 Dichloromethane, for HPLC, stabilized with amylene 75-09-22.5LT Available SGD$ 62
SGD$ 28
5Fisher UKZZLFK/P/1800/17 Petroleum ether 60-80°C, for analysis, n-hexane < 50% 64742-49-02.5LT Available SGD$ 71
SGD$ 34
6Fisher UKZZLFK/X/0250/17 Xylene, for analysis 1330-20-72.5LT Available SGD$ 63
SGD$ 28
7Fisher UKZZLFK/P/1760/17 Petroleum ether 40-60°C, for analysis, n-hexane < 2% 64742-49-02.5LT Available SGD$ 60
SGD$ 36
8Fisher UKZZLFK/M/4000/17 Methanol, 99.85+%, for analysis 67-56-12.5LT Available SGD$ 51
SGD$ 23
9Fisher USZZLFS/A998-4 Acetonitrile (HPLC) 75-05-84LT Available SGD$ 225
SGD$ 110
10Fisher USZZLFS/A456-4 Methanol (Optima LC/MS) 67-56-14LT Available SGD$ 154
SGD$ 98
11Fisher USZZLFS/W6-4 Water, Optima LC/MS 7732-18-54LT Available SGD$ 86
SGD$ 76
12Fisher USZZLFS/A464-4 2-Propanol (Optima) 67-63-04LT Available SGD$ 120
SGD$ 62
13Fisher USZZLFS/A454-4 Methanol (Optima) 67-56-14LT Available SGD$ 92
SGD$ 48
14Fisher UKZZLFK/D/1852/17 Dichloromethane, 99.8+%, for analysis, stabilized with amylene 75-09-22.5LT Indent 3 - 4 months SGD$ 57
SGD$ 25