Terms and Conditions

If you would like to talk directly to us, please call us at +65 6863 1993. Our operating hours are from 08:00 hours to 17:30 hours, Mon-Fri SGT (GMT+8 hours). Alternatively, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. These Terms and Conditions are applicable every time you access our website and, or order goods from us.


Order Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Payment and Delivery

1.1 All products orders placed by you either online or by other means are subject to acceptance by us, and we may at our discretion accept orders, reject orders, or advise a buyer of our inability to process an order for any reason. We may send a buyer an acknowledgement of receipt of an order, by email, or another medium (including telephone, fax or in person) as we see fit. Acknowledgement by email of receipt of your order is usually automatically generated and does not constitute an acceptance of the order. You should ensure that the information you submit to us in your order is accurate and complete to the best of your ability. Fulfilment of your order is dependent and conditional upon stock availability, payment and possibly other areas including, but not limited to an address, or credit card check as per 5.3.

1.2 Whilst it is our intention to keep our website up to date and error free, product description, or pricing errors may occur. If we discover such an error after you have submitted an order to us, we will contact you prior to accepting your order with the correct details. You may then either cancel your order or re-confirm it based on the correct information. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat your order as cancelled and will correspond this fact to you by email, to the email address that you provided to us at the time of your order.



2.1 We wish to remind our customers that some products (from Aik Moh) might be controlled under Singapore local authorities like SCDF, NEA, and police. Under the different regulations, you may need to acquire the appropriate transport/storage/export license for these licensable materials. You are encouraged to forward your appropriate licenses so that we can advise you further. Please note that by placing order with us, you have accepted full responsibility of the chemical and Aik Moh disclaims any liability incurred in connection with the use/transport/storage/export/export of these chemicals out of our factory premise. If you need more information, please contact our HSE officers at +65 6349 3751 or [email protected]

2.2 For import license / permit for chemical products, refer to 4.1.



3.1 Whilst we make every effort to deliver goods in the timeframe we specify, we cannot guarantee delivery on that day or accept liability for deliveries made outside this timeframe. Delivery depends on time slot availability of our transport fleet. We cannot accept liability for out-of-pocket expenses or other costs incurred due to failed or delayed deliveries.

3.2 All delivery time frames are subject to stock availability.

3.3 Please be sure to sign the Delivery Order Note in the presence of the Delivery Company representative to indicate your delivery has been received. Examine your order upon delivery to ensure that there are no visible signs of damaged, missing or incorrect pieces. In the event that there are missing, damaged or incorrect packages, please retain the item(s), indicate the problem on the Delivery Note and contact us within 48 hours of your delivery. A signed delivery receipt, without notations of missing, damaged or incorrect item(s) represents your acceptance of the complete order in perfect condition. For any other problem with your order, please contact our customer services.


GST, Import Rules and Local Authority Driven Fees & Charges

4.1 Many countries including, but not limited to only Singapore charge duty and /or taxes on goods at the point of import. These will normally be collected by the courier used to deliver your goods - this is a charge levied by local Country Governments, not by Aik Moh.

Please note that our warehouse is in Singapore – your goods will be shipped from here. Several countries akin to Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, for example may require you to have a current import license / permit to import some chemical products for personal and, or business use. So, we advise that you understand your local import rules, where possible prior to shopping with us to avoid disappointment/ additional costs.

For more information, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to share any information that we have pertaining to these charges and rules. We will provide this information to aid you, please note that we cannot be held responsible for this information provision, as these fees and charges have been created by local authorities and are outside of our business’ specialty field. They may be subject to change without notice.

Please note, that Aik Moh cannot artificially understate the value of an order and will not refund delivery costs in either direction should goods need to be returned due to customer’s refusal to pay local fees and charges by their local authorities. Please understand your potential local fees and charges before you place your order with us. By placing your order with us you accept these terms.



5.1 The information provided to us by our customers is used by us for the sole purpose of processing an order only. We only ask for what is needed for us to facilitate an order to its completion. Customer information is and will never be disclosed to third parties. Customer data is not shared or sold in any way.

5.2 All information is collected lawfully and in accordance with the current Acts.

5.3 At our discretion we may ask for additional information from buyers at the point of order processing. By ordering with our company, you acknowledge that we do not condone fraud and note that we will go out of our way to protect legitimate buyers and our company from fraud at all times. As a result, we may need to conduct a Proof of address, and or credit card check on a buyer in order to check legitimacy of their details on a case-by-case scenario. This is our right as a high value device supplier, and we thank you for your understanding.

5.4 If you have provided us with your email address details in order to receive our e-newsletter, we will send this to you when we have promotional and news-based offers. Your details provided here will only be used for the purpose of ‘joining you up to receive our eNewsletters so that we can keep you up to date with the Latest promotion and updated information’ We will not sell or share your data.

We do not discriminate across our e-newsletter subscriber base at current, so all emails will be sent to you as per your initial opt-in. If you wish to opt-out of from our e-marketing distribution channel, please email us with the text “Opt-out” in the subject line to: Opting Out

5.5 If you have any questions about information privacy, please Contact us



6.1 If you have any questions about security, please Contact us

6.2 We will take all reasonable and legally required precautions to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but, unless we are negligent, we cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorized access to information provided by you.


Product Description and Availability

7.1 Whilst we endeavour to ensure the prices on our website are as accurate as possible, we reserve the right to change a price for ordered goods as we see fit. If a price for an ordered item is corrected due to exceptional or uncontrollable circumstance, customers will be informed of the change before payment is processed and offered the opportunity to cancel / amend their order to their preference. We may offer price reductions for promotional items from time to time at our discretion. Credits will not be offered for items that have been ordered before a promotional price has been launched, unless we deem this to be so.

7.2 Because of the dynamic nature the markets (e.g., exchange rate variations and other variables beyond our control), prices, product versions, details and availability are subject to change on a continual basis without prior notice. Prices can and do change from day to day; if a price at the time of ordering is higher than a previously shown price then the price at the time of ordering is the one that applies. If no promotion is evident, this may be primarily since our company is a global organization and relies on global currency. Our parent company is Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. Our local site currencies are often pegged to our parent company’s dollar. As a result, pricing can fluctuate. If you have any questions, please Contact us

7.3 If an order is placed for an item with an erroneous price, and the erroneous price is less than the cost price of the item, we reserve the right to offer the opportunity for the customer to instead either receive the best-possible discount or to cancel the order.

7.4 Stock availability on our website is generated by our system taking into account current stock levels, customer backorders, products already in transit from suppliers or from another Aik Moh warehouse, and information provided by suppliers for pending deliveries. Although as accurate as possible and generally reliable, they are estimates only which can be affected by many factors, especially unforeseen manufacturing delays or product discontinuations. Aik Moh offers these estimates in good faith, but we cannot be held responsible should estimate and actual times vary or if a product is discontinued or superseded by a manufacturer. If a buyer purchases an item that falls out of stock due to whatever reason, we will offer a solution in their best interests, including stock swap, or order cancellation, if the buyer does not want to wait for stock replenishment of the exact item ordered.

7.5 Descriptions and specifications of products shown on our website are taken directly from information supplied by manufacturers. Products are supplied as named and described. Where a product description might be accompanied by an illustration of the packaging or product itself, that illustration is for illustrative purposes only and may not look absolutely identical to the product to be supplied; if the exact appearance of the product or packaging is essential to be identical then you should make that clear to us in writing at the time of order

7.6 Because Aik Moh operates in many different countries, occasionally products may inadvertently appear on our Singapore site that we may be unable to sell into various Southeast Asian countries, for technical, regulatory or commercial reasons. Appearance of these items is not intentional, and we reserve the right to remove them without notice and/or decline any orders received for them.



8.1 We shall not be liable to you or any related party, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any business or personal loss including loss of profits (whether direct or indirect), data, revenue, goodwill, convenience, equipment/device/machinery/vehicle functionality, travel arrangements, third party claims or for any other incidental or consequential loss, that you may suffer as a result of the purchase, use or ordering of, goods from us. Any other liability shall be limited to the price paid for the goods. We do not exclude our liability for death or personal injury.

8.2 You will not export any goods purchased from us in contravention of your local government.


Business and Government Customers

9.1 If you have a credit account with us payment is due 30 days after the date of our invoice; otherwise all new customers are subjected to Cash Term.

9.2 Credit accounts to businesses are not offered by us as a matter of course and are subject to application. Government customers can place official purchase orders on a credit account basis; purchase orders are subject to verification.

9.3 Invoices to credit customers are payable to Aik Moh Paints and Chemicals Pte Ltd.s



10.1 We reserve the right to decline any order for any reason.

10.2 These terms are governed by the laws of Singapore and your local government, and any disputes will be decided by the local courts of your country.

10.3 If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the other provisions of these terms and conditions.

10.4 We may assign or transfer any of our rights or subcontract any of our obligations under these terms and conditions to any third party.

10.5 You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or subcontract any of your obligations under these terms and conditions except with our specific permission in writing.

10.6 These terms and conditions govern the entire trading relationship between you and ourselves and will remain in force for the duration of our trading relationship.

10.7 All intellectual property rights (including use of trademarks) shall be solely owned by us. You are permitted only to use material on this website as expressly authorised by us or our licensors.

10.8 Any unauthorised use of material on this site is strictly prohibited.

10.9 These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous Terms and Conditions, representations, undertakings and agreements (updated 2018).

10.10 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and any such changes will be communicated on our website.



11.1 Errors and omissions must be excepted.

11.2 No effect to statutory rights


The above policies are part of our commitment to high quality service. They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.