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 No.BrandProduct CodeProduct DescriptionCAS NumberP. SizeStock LevelPriceDetail
1Fisher UKZZLFK/A/0600/17 Acetone, 99.8+%, for analysis, AR, ACS, meets specifications of Ph. Eur. 67-64-12.5LT Available SGD$ 58
SGD$ 28
2Fisher UKZZLFK/D/1852/17 Dichloromethane, 99.8+%, for analysis, stabilized with amylene 75-09-22.5LT Available SGD$ 57
SGD$ 21
3Fisher UKZZLFK/D/1856/17 Dichloromethane, for HPLC, stabilized with amylene 75-09-22.5LT Available SGD$ 62
SGD$ 28
4Fisher UKZZLFK/M/4000/17 Methanol, 99.85+%, for analysis 67-56-12.5LT Available SGD$ 51
SGD$ 21
5Fisher UKZZLFK/P/1760/17 Petroleum ether 40-60°C, for analysis, n-hexane < 2% 64742-49-02.5LT Available SGD$ 60
SGD$ 36
6Fisher UKZZLFK/P/1800/17 Petroleum ether 60-80°C, for analysis, n-hexane < 50% 64742-49-02.5LT Available SGD$ 71
SGD$ 34
7Fisher UKZZLFK/P/7500/17 Isopropanol, 99.8+%, for analysis 67-63-02.5LT Available SGD$ 75
SGD$ 26
8Fisher UKZZLFK/P/7507/17 Isopropanol, for HPLC 67-63-02.5LT Available SGD$ 82
SGD$ 29
9Fisher UKZZLFK/X/0250/17 Xylene, for analysis 1330-20-72.5LT Available SGD$ 63
SGD$ 26
10Fisher USZZLFS/A454-4 Methanol (Optima) 67-56-14LT Available SGD$ 92
SGD$ 48
11Fisher USZZLFS/A456-4 Methanol (Optima LC/MS) 67-56-14LT Available SGD$ 154
SGD$ 98
12Fisher USZZLFS/A464-4 2-Propanol (Optima) 67-63-04LT Available SGD$ 120
SGD$ 58
13Fisher USZZLFS/W6-4 Water, Optima LC/MS 7732-18-54LT Available SGD$ 86
SGD$ 76
14Fisher USZZLFS/A998-4 Acetonitrile (HPLC) 75-05-84LT Available SGD$ 225
SGD$ 108
15Fisher UKZZLFK/D/2450/17 Diethyl ether, 99.5+%, for analysis, stabilized with BHT, meets spec. of Ph. Eur. 60-29-72.5LT Available SGD$ 86
16Fisher UKZZLFK/P/7440/17 Propane-1,2-diol, 99+%, extra pure, SLR, meets the specification of BP and Ph. Eur. 57-55-62.5LT Available SGD$ 88
17Fisher UKZZLFK/T/2300/17 Toluene, for analysis 108-88-32.5LT Available SGD$ 56
18Fisher UKZZLFK/C/4960/17 Chloroform, 99.8+%, for analysis, stabilized with amylene 67-66-32.5LT Available On Request
19Fisher UKZZLFK/J/5820/PB15 Perchloric acid, Standard solution for volumetric analysis, 0.1M (0.1N) in glacial acetic acid 7601-90-31LT Available SGD$ 72
20Fisher USZZLFS/A955-4 Acetonitrile (Optima LC/MS) 75-05-84LT Available SGD$ 242
21Fisher USZZLFS/H292-4 Hexanes (Certified ACS) 110-54-34LT Available SGD$ 91
22Fisher USZZLFS/A452-4 Methanol (HPLC) 67-56-14LT Available SGD$ 84
23Fisher USZZLFS/A949-4 Acetone (HPLC) 67-64-14LT Available SGD$ 89
24Fisher USZZLFS/H302-4 Hexanes (HPLC) 110-54-34LT Available SGD$ 107
25Fisher USZZLFSK/A456-4 Methanol (Optima LC/MS) 67-56-14LT Available On Request
26Fisher UKZZLFK/C/4920/17 Chloroform, 99+%, extra pure, stabilised with amylene, SLR 67-66-32.5LT Available On Request
27Fisher UKZZLFK/D/1853/17 Dichloromethane, 99.8+%, for residue analysis, Distol™, stabilized with amylene 75-09-22.5LT Available SGD$ 89
28Fisher UKZZLFK/P/1560/17 Petroleum ether 100-120°C, extra pure, SLR 64742-49-02.5LT Available SGD$ 69
29Fisher UKZZLFK/E/0900/17 Ethyl acetate, 99.8+%, for analysis 141-78-62.5LT Available SGD$ 63
30Fisher UKZZLFK/B/4850/17 Butan-1-ol, for analysis 71-36-32.5LT Available SGD$ 83
31Fisher UKZZLFK/M/4062/17 Methanol, for HPLC-MS 67-56-12.5LT Available SGD$ 77
32Fisher UKZZLFK/A/7770/50 Anti-bumping granules, extra pure, fused alumina, SLR 1344-28-1250GR Available SGD$ 48
33Fisher UKZZLFK/C/4966/17 Chloroform, for HPLC, stabilized with amylene 67-66-32.5LT Available On Request
34Fisher USZZLFS/A144C-212 Hydrochloric Acid (Certified ACS Plus) 7647-01-02.5LT Available On Request
35Fisher USZZLFS/H303-4 Hexanes (OPTIMA) 110-54-34LT Available SGD$ 128
36Fisher USZZLFS/O121-1 Mineral Oil, Light (NF/FCC) 8042-47-51LT Available SGD$ 93
37Fisher USZZLFSK/A998-4 Acetonitrile (HPLC) 75-05-84LT Available SGD$ 225
38Fisher USZZLFSK/A452-4 Methanol (HPLC) 67-56-14LT Available On Request
39Fisher USZZLFS/W5-4 Water (HPLC) 7732-18-54LT Available SGD$ 77
40Fisher UKZZLFK/E/0650/17 Ethanol, 99.8+%, for analysis, absolute, AR, meets the spec. of BP and Ph. Eur. 64-17-52.5LT Low Stock SGD$ 380
41Fisher UKZZLFK/E/0665/17 Ethanol, for HPLC, absolute 64-17-52.5LT Low Stock SGD$ 395
42Fisher UKZZLFK/A/0606/17 Acetone, for HPLC 67-64-12.5LT Low Stock SGD$ 78
43Fisher UKZZLFK/G/0650/17 Glycerol, 99+%, for analysis, AR, meets the specification of BP 56-81-52.5LT Low Stock SGD$ 83
44Fisher UKZZLFK/J/4320/15 Hydrochloric acid, Standard solution for volumetric analysis, 1M (1N), stabilized, meets spec. of BP + Ph.Eur. 7647-01-01LT Low Stock SGD$ 48
45Fisher USZZLFS/A393-4 Isoamyl Alcohol (Clear, Colorless/Certified) 123-51-34LT Low Stock SGD$ 271
46Fisher USZZLFS/A451-4 2-Propanol (HPLC) 67-63-04LT Low Stock SGD$ 103
47Fisher USZZLFS/A669-212 Ammonium Hydroxide (Certified ACS Plus) 1336-21-62.5LT Low Stock SGD$ 159
48Fisher USZZLFS/A461-4 2-Propanol (OPTIMA LC/MS) 67-63-04LT Low Stock SGD$ 134
49Fisher USZZLFS/E138-4 Ethyl Ether Anhydrous (BHT Stabilized/Certified ACS) 60-29-74LT Low Stock SGD$ 201
50Fisher USZZLFS/P285-500 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic (Crystalline/Certified ACS) 7778-77-0500GR Low Stock SGD$ 110