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Chemistree will be offering mainly laboratory and fine chemicals. We are currently looking for potential partners in order to expand our range of products. If you are interested to sell or advertise your products on this portal, please drop us an email at [email protected]

All enquiries are welcome and our representative will be keen to meet up with you.

Aik Moh

Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd is an established Petrochemical distributor in Singapore and Batam.

We offer comprehensive range of chemical-related services which covers distribution, toll blending, repacking, drumming and other logistics support services.

Our current market covers Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Mauritius and other countries in Asia Pacific.

Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd
20 Tuas St. Singapore 638457
Tel: +65 6863 1993
Fax: +65 6863 8033
Email: [email protected]


The Acros Organics brand offers a comprehensive portfolio of essential chemicals, functional reagents and organic building blocks to meet the evolving needs of organic and medicinal chemists in the field of research and development and drug discovery. Our heritage of quality, packaging innovation and new product development has made us the brands scientists trust for their organics and fine chemical needs. Our portfolio encompasses more than 30,000 products with continuous increase in our range of products and services.

Catalog of fine chemicals

  • Library of >18,000 molecules available at different purities pack sizes
  • Reference handbook for the chemist on the bench
  • Wide variety of commodities for the organic, medicinal, analytical and biochemist
  • Extended range of exclusive product lines
  • New and Improved AcroSeal packaging for air and moisture reagents with a puncture surface seven times larger than the competitor
  • ISO certified procedures for guaranteed quality

Fisher Scientific

With offices in both Malaysia and Singapore, we are able to extend our services and product offerings to many more customers in the Southeast Asia region. In Malaysia, Fisher Scientific (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) operates as the regional headquarters for South East Asia serving markets in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. In Singapore, Fisher Scientific (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) continues to serve our customers through the wide range of laboratory supplies and quality after-sales services.

Besides the vast product offering, Fisher Scientific (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) prides itself with its award-winning turnkey projects as well as its comprehensive technical services. Our distinctiveness lies in our ability to combine laboratory engineering to the laboratory equipment and testing methods. This extraordinary capability has given us the edge over our competitors in this region.
Our culture, fundamentally defined by the four values that motivate us in everything we do, is what makes us uniquely different from the rest, thus making us a leader in serving science. At Fisher Scientific (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific), we stand united behind our FOUR VALUES:

At Fisher Scientific (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific), we stand united behind our FOUR VALUES:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Intensity
  • Involvement